All About Automatic External Defibrillators.

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Every minute is vital when it comes to health emergencies and first aids. It’s possible for someone to have a cardiac arrest at any time and place as it doesn’t give a warning. Cardiac arrest should however not be confused with a heart attack as they are completely different. A heart attack implies that there is a circulatory problem of the blood and cardiac arrest is the electric problem of the heart whereby it stops pumping blood. Cardiac arrest is usually an emergency case since alot of casualties die daily around the world when it’s not rectified in time.Read_more_from_aeds. The first step anyone who witnesses someone suffering from a cardiac arrest is to call the emergency number of the hospitals to have professional doctors take care of the situation. Before the ambulance arrives though, the casualty could succumb to the arrest hence it’s important to have some first aid conducted. The casualty might not even be able to give you a response hence it could be difficult to know what to do. It’s for such reasons that atomic external defibrillators popularly known as  AEDs were developed. They are portable devices that aid the person who is giving first aid to the casualty. These devices are able to instruct you as the bystander what to do when you switch them on, either by voice prompts or some have visuals. This makes them easy to use since you don’t require any experience or learning for you to use them. Usually they are applicable where the cardiac arrest can be corrected by shock since there are different types of cardiac arrest. The device will however only perform a shock on the casualty if the casualty needs it which makes this device even more useful since you can’t perform a shock if the patient doesn’t require it. This devices should however be used as an emergency kit as you await arrival of the health practitioners or as you head to a hospital and not the main treatment.Read_more_from_aeds. This devices can be placed in places where there are many people such as schools, workplaces and such since you never know and when a cardiac arrest could occur to. These devices are proven to work and have been applied in many cases and helped to save lives. Whenever you have the opportunity to save a life just know that every minute is important and therefore such a device is necessary to have.Read_more_from_

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